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ISI Announces Wharton Symposium on Financial Reform

January 27, 2011

Keystone, Colorado  (January 27, 2011) – In 2010, the Insurance Studies Institute (ISI) partnered with Professor Kent Smetters of The Wharton School to develop an optimal design for a Systemic Risk Regulator system. The ongoing project examines how the recent economic turmoil exposed gaps in the regulatory system and studies options for constructing an improved regulatory model that: 1) can be reliably utilized by those responsible for catastrophic risk management; and 2) can promote financial stability among financially interdependent institutions.

Professor Smetters recently hosted a symposium at The Wharton School, entitled, “Financial Reform: What is it? Will it work?  Why should you care?” The ISI-sponsored project was showcased as one of the core readings and formed the basis for several student-led research projects.

This intensive, five day “mini” course was held January 3 – 7, 2011 and featured content rich in analysis of the Dodd-Frank Act, which virtually rewrites the regulatory landscape of financial services in the United States.  An outstanding array of speakers tackled all angles of this complex subject matter, and presented the issues in an accessible, practical way.

Read the entire press release: ISI Press Release: Wharton Symposium, Jan. 2011

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ISI to Present at November 2010 LISA Conference

October 25, 2010

Paul Siegert, ISI President & CEO, is scheduled to speak at LISA’s 16th Annual Fall Life Settlement Conference -  Thursday, November 11th, in Miami Beach, FL.  Mr. Siegert will take an unconventional look at the challenges facing the Life Insurance Secondary Market (LISM) today, in a presentation titled: Public Relations and Headline Risks.  The presentation asks (and answers) the question, “What must the LISM do to take control its destiny?”

Tentative Conference Agenda: 16th Annual Fall Life Settlement Conference

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ISI to present Keynote Address at 4th Life Settlements and Longevity Investment Summit

July 23, 2010

Finance IQ/IQPC will host the 4th Life Settlement and Longevity Investment Summit, September 27-29 in New York City.   The all new, investor-driven program will discuss developments in regulation and taxation, innovative usesof longevity derivatives and hybrid models, the emergence of new market players, fund manager perspectives on managing downside risk, and other timely issues.

Paul Siegert, ISI President and CEO, will present an afternoon keynote address, “Global Overview of Life Settlements from an Investment Perspective,” on September 29th, at 2:30 pm.

Venue to be announced soon.

Event Brochure: IQPC Event Brochure, Sept 27-29 2010

Event Website: 4th LS and Longevity Investment Summit

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Insurance Linked Securities Summit: ISI to Host Workshop

June 14, 2010

Winning the War of Words: How the Life Settlements Industry Can Solve its Messaging Problem

July 14th, 2010 • 4.00pm – 6.30pm • The Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda • 8th Insurance Linked Securities Summit

The life settlements industry is getting much more serious about taking back the publicity battle that has been raging since the publication of that now infamous New York Times article some six months ago. A recent trade mission to Europe exemplified this new direction, showing the importance now placed on open, clear communication with investors and the insistence on high industry standards. But it is clear that much still needs to be done to improve industry messaging and reclaim the initiative from those who seek to disparage and discredit the industry. The Insurance Studies Institute has been active in furthering these initiatives, and in this key workshop Christopher Kampa – Director of Research – will explore some of most important areas for industry participants in the upcoming publicity struggle.

What you will learn:

  • Examining the way life settlements have been portrayed in the media over the past 12 months
  • Identifying the critical components of a more successful messaging strategy: honesty, transparency, statistically significant data
  • How to position the industry’s good stories in a way to rebalance the perception of the asset class in the media

How you will benefit:

  • Get the facts needed to engage more effectively with media outlets and reporters
  • Determine the most effective strategies needed to deal with sleaze, fraud, and a few “bad apples”
  • Winning the PR battle: How the life settlements industry can reclaim the initiative in the media

IQPC-Bermuda 2010, Workshop C Outline

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ISI Fundraising Marquee Breakfast

April 29, 2010

April 29th, 2010 • Washington D.C. • 16th Annual Spring Life Settlement Conference

You are invited to attend the Insurance Studies Institute Breakfast at this spring’s LISA Spring Conference. Join LISA, LSI, Peachtree, LIS, ILMA and GWG Life in supporting Insurance Studies Institute in its effort to expand seniors’ and stakeholders’ knowledge of the Life Insurance Secondary Market. The breakfast’s topic, presented by Dr. Kent Smetters, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, will be “What Does Dodd’s Financial Reform Bill Mean to the Insurance Markets?”. Your attendance makes a vital, charitable contribution to ISI and supports the growth of the Life Insurance Secondary Market.

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LISA Conference Panel Presentation, “Increasing Awareness of Life Settlements”

April 29th, 2010 • 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM • Washington D.C. • 16th Annual Spring Life Settlement Conference

The life insurance secondary market is losing major market opportunity by failure to effectively communicate the option of the life settlements to seniors. Most seniors are not aware of the life settlement option while those who are have a less than favorable opinion. Seniors need to hear a different message as identified in an ISI project at the Carlson School at the University of Minnesota. Enhanced consumer messaging will increase product supply and influence public policymakers. This presentation will indentify key drivers that every stakeholder in the life insurance secondary market needs to implement now.

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2nd Annual Retirement Income Symposium

October 19, 2009

October 19 – 20, 2009 • Chicago • Retirement Income Symposium

Insurance Studies Institute President and CEO, Paul Siegert, has been invited to participate in this year’s Retirement Income Symposium. Paul will be panelist on the Identifying Trends and Future Developments for Investment-Oriented Retirement Income Solutions roundtable session. “The session will provide an analysis of the big-picture trends and developments shaping the near-term outlook and long-term future of the retirement income market.

“The 2nd Annual Retirement Income Symposium will inform and educate financial service executives and advisors about the need for new products, risk management techniques and more complex retirement strategies to meet their clients’ needs and—as an industry—gain back trust. Learn from and network with top industry experts as they provide insightful analysis and practical solutions to help you succeed the new retirement reality.”

For more information on the symposium: Retirement Income Symposium

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6th Annual Insurance Linked Securities

June 15, 2009

July 15 – 17, 2009 • Southhampton, Bermuda • Insurance Linked Securities Summit

Insurance Studies Institute President and CEO, Paul Siegert, has been asked to present this year’s Insurance Linked Securities Summit in Bermuda. Paul will be speaking on The Institutionalization of The Life Insurance Secondary Market. Also, he will lead a roundtable discuss concerning “Insurance and the Capital Markets: Is The Financial Crisis Acceleration Or Reversing The Convergence Process?”

“ILS Bermuda brings together the entire insurance-capital markets value chain, including institutional investors, insurance and reinsurance companies, hedge funds, banks, brokers, law firms, underwriters and life settlement providers. Developed in conjunction with an industry leading advisory board, the conference delivers more delegates, more speakers, and more opportunities for networking than any other event on the market.”

For more information on the summit: Insurance Linked Securities Summit

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Recap: Insurance Concepts Forum

April 24, 2009

April 22 – 24, 2009 • Paradise Valley, AZ • The Sanctuary at Camelback

From April 22 – 24, 2009, the Insurance Studies Institute’s hosted it’s first in a long line of Insurance Concepts Forums. Some of the top producers, insurers, financiers, investment pioneers, researchers and regulators in the life insurance and financial industries where in attendance. During the forum, attendees spoke critically about the “Institutionalization of the Life Insurance Secondary Market”. For a complete recap of the event, download the PDF below. Also available, and also below, are the discussion questions that set the framework for the forum.

ISI Forum 2009 Summary Notes

Forum Discussion QuestionsA synopsis of the forum is featured in this month’s publication of the Life Settlement Review. The article can be found attached below.

LS Review: Insurance Forum Focuses on Institutionalization of Secondary Market

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ISI Co-Sponsors Wharton Symposium on Financial Risk Management

April 16, 2009

April 16-17, 2009? • The Wharton School, Philadelphia, PA

The Insurance Studies Institute recently co-sponsored The Wharton School’s Spring Symposium. “Symposium on the Measurement of Low Probability Events in the Context of Financial Risk Management.” For a recap of the event, simply click on the link below.

Wharton Spring Symposium ReCapConference Summary

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