Grant Criteria

Grant Criteria

Grant Criteria and Procedures

November 1, 2007

  1. Research and study focuses will be considered based on their demonstrated support of ISI goals.
  2. Initial screening of a project requires a research and study outline that defines the project focus, procedures, information resources, expected product, performance measurements, project team qualifications and leadership, estimated costs and time schedule.
  3. If ISI President grants preliminary support, project leader and/or team will be required to meet with ISI President at which time the project will be reviewed and if the project continues to earn the President’s support, requirements will be established for a comprehensive Project Plan.
  4. Upon receipt and acceptance of the Project Plan, and after revisions and expansions as required, ISI President will recommend the project to ISI Board of Directors.
  5. ISI Board of Directors reviews recommended projects and approves or disapproves. If approved, the Board of Directors appropriates funding as required by the project.
  6. Each approved project will require a signed agreement which will include the detailed project plan, responsibilities of the project team and leadership, responsibilities of ISI and clarification of ownership of the project products. All project work, information, findings and reports shall be held confidential until released by ISI.
  7. Payment of funding is scheduled as per the project agreement. Typically, project expenditures, as incurred or per a schedule, will be invoiced to ISI with appropriate and required documentation for approval and prompt payment by ISI.
  8. Depending on the project scope, complexity and time schedule, interim reports may be required by ISI upon which further project funding may be contingent on ISI acceptance and progress approvals. ISI provides reminders to project leaders of reporting requirements and is accessible to project leaders.
  9. Upon completion of research and study projects, comprehensive reports will be required by ISI and must be written and completed to ISI standards and acceptance. Final funding may be withheld pending completion and ISI acceptance of final project reports.
  10. All project products, including but not limited to: data, findings, communications, computer models and programs, reports, patents, copyrights, designs, analyses, theories, contracts, equipment, notes and confidential information are the sole and exclusive property of ISI unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  11. All reports will be published by ISI, or as may be otherwise agreed, in the ISI standard report format and copies will be given to the project team. The project team may be authorized by ISI to use the products of the project in their personal or other business endeavors, but with the requirement that any and all such uses include clear disclosure that all such products are the proprietary property of ISI and may not be further used without ISI approval.