Proposed Projects

Proposed Projects

Proposed Projects and Events

January 2, 2008

Future projects and events are dependent upon ISI’s fundraising success. All of the following proposals hold great potential for generating meaningful industry data, and we welcome the opportunity to partner academically and/or financially to boost each project’s viability:

Insurance Concepts Forums

January 1, 2008

The Insurance Studies Institute (“ISI”) hosted its first Insurance Concepts Forum in the spring of 2009. Participants included twenty seven leaders from academia, government, investment sectors, and the life settlement industry. Future forums may be similar in structure but may focus on diverse subjects and issues affecting any of the many insurance paradigms. Also, if critical insurance developments or issues necessitate a focused think-tank, ISI will host smaller, targeted gatherings that bring together stakeholders seeking to address and resolve issues. Current specific forum events may include the following. Others are in various stages of conception.

Insurance Concepts Forums

Education and Symposiums

The Insurance Studies Institute (“ISI”) seeks to support educational symposiums where compelling research is presented, insurance special interests are educated, and general insurance related knowledge is enhanced. Further, ISI endeavors to support independent PhD research that expands on the diverse subjects and issues affecting the many insurance paradigms. ISI will offer this support in the form of grants, awards, and project sponsorship.

Education and Symposiums

Changing Longevity After Age 65

Gather data to examine the factors that impact the optimization of healthy aging and longevity. Use the data to study: a. how changing longevity patterns might alter seniors’ needs for certain insurance products (life insurance, long-term care insurance, disability insurance, etc…); b. how changing longevity may impact future life settlement transactions; and c. characteristics of seniors who are prone to undertake living practices that tend to extend life expectancy versus those who are prone to maintain living practices that tend to shorten life expectancies.

Changing Longevity After Age 65

Liability Driven Investing

This study will analyze how pension, annuity and other insurance based risk management practices could/should utilize investments to match risks and returns with liabilities of annuities, death benefits, casualties, etc., to reduce reserve requirements while assuring fulfillment of future payment obligations.

State Guarantee Funds and Pension Guarantee Funds

Many industries with exposure to financial markets have established government-run guarantee programs to protect consumers if an individual institution should become insolvent. Recent developments in the financial markets raise questions over the ability of government guarantee funds to handle multiple institutional failings. The reserving methodologies, specifically, have come into question. The FDIC has had to devise innovative new strategies to combat their current situation. However, it remains to be seen if state and pension guarantee funds will be afforded such flexibility to provide added consumer protections. Without further analysis of the situation, consumers will be ill-equipped to make the best possible decisions regarding their retirement and estate planning.

Risk Modeling and Portfolio Management

As demonstrated in the recent financial fallout, adherence to proven risk modeling and portfolio management techniques is paramount in ensuring financial viability. As insurance-related products emerge as an asset class, it is important that work is published to better educate investors regarding both the unique risks involved and the opportunities available as new investment markets materialize.

Insurance Linked Securities

Insurance-related investment products are poised to emerge as a dynamic new investment class as investors search for alternate sources of investment returns and methods to manage risk. It is critical, therefore, to identify and analyze these opportunities to enhance investors’ decision making processes.

Long-term Care Insurance

US citizens are living longer than ever before. Unfortunately, traditional long term care policies may no longer provide adequate protection for seniors during their golden years. Thorough analysis of this industry is required in order for consumers to make informed decisions regarding their retirement planning.

State vs. Federal Regulation of Life Insurance

Given the current financial climate, many are advocating the creation of a federal regulator to oversee the multi-trillion dollar life insurance industry. Proponents of state-based regulation have cited the fact that the ability for the life insurance industry to honor claims has never been in doubt due to financial insolvency. While good arguments exist on both sides of the debate, it is likely that the current regulatory system will experience some changes, and the ramifications of these changes are unknown. What is known is that stakeholders need non-biased analysis of the current situation in order to make informed decisions.