ISI Garners Research Success;
Accolades Right Out of the Gate

In its brief two-year existence, ISI has become recognized and sought after as an independent, valuable resource for industry knowledge and technical analysis. ISI has published and distributed numerous well-received research reports on diverse insurance-based issues, and written several industry articles, bylines, and chapters for educational texts. ISI’s papers, brochures and commentary generate frequent inquiries from the public, and ISI staff has been requested to provide keynote addresses, panel presentations, and roundtable discussions at numerous domestic and international conferences.

ISI’s success might be due, in small part, to the absence of other organizations researching in this space. Much more credit must be attributed, though, to ISI’s diligent work and keen focus on emerging areas of insurance utilization. The Life Insurance Secondary Market (LISM), for example, has been a focal point for ISI because of its rapid expansion, attention it is receiving from legislators, its impact on insurers, and the value it provides to seniors. This is one area where ISI has demonstrated its ability to make a difference. Notably, new IRS Revenue Rulings in 2009 reflect ISI’s reporting of inconsistent insurance taxation and inequities in 2008. Other areas of influence include life insurance policy pricing practices, consumer education, and industry stakeholder practices and standards.

Other compelling areas of focus include: catastrophic risk management; workers’ compensation insurance; long-term-care insurance; and mortality risk management as it applies to numerous types of financial transactions.

ISI utilizes in-house research talent, but has also gained footing and momentum by pursuing collaborative projects with esteemed academic institutions such as the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, Wharton School, and the University of Minnesota. These partnerships bring a richness of resources and academic excellence to important issues.

Beyond its published works, ISI has enjoyed success as a think-tank entity, sponsoring symposiums and generating spirited and proactive dialogue at its inaugural Insurance Concepts Forum, hosted in April of 2009. At this event, ISI effectively brought together twenty seven leaders from industry, investment sectors, government and academia, the results of which sparked several initiatives, including a proposal for a LISM industry data bank and standards board. ISI doggedly pursued this proposal, and is now at the helm of a project targeting responsible standards, practices and analytics for the LISM industry.

All in all, ISI has achieved more traction and influence than it ever imagined possible within its short life span.